Rules of CACIT Golden League

The CACIT Golden League series consists of three competitions: CACIT Germany , CACIT Poland and CACIT Dobris CZ.

Everybody from FCI member countries with dogs that meet the criteria for participation can attend those competitions. There is no limit to the number of competitions one can participate in.

The first twenty competitors in each competition will receive a number of points which will determine the overall ranking in the series. The scoring table is shown below.

We count point per rank not sum points from each disciplines for reason other conditions on each competition. The firt place is the first place in any conditions independent for weather, terains, judges, helpers etc.

The two best results of each team are included in the ranking for the overall result of the series.

After the end of the third competition, CACIT Dobris CZ, the overall winner of the CACIT Golden league and the order of other competitors will be calculated.

In the case of identical points, the best result from the included competitions, will decide. If the result is identical again, it will decide the sum of points from both competitions used for overall ranking, alternatively the sum of points on defence from both competitions .

The CACIT Golden League announcement ceremony will take place at the closing ceremony of the third competition, CACIT Dobris CZ.

Scoring table:

1. place5011. place12
2. place4012. place10
3. place3513. place8
4. place3014. place7
5. place2715. place6
6. place2416. place5
7. place2117. place4
8. place1818. place3
9. place1619. place2
10. place1420. place1

The overal ranking for the series will be published on the CACIT Golden League website:

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